Why Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency produces the cleanest and most abundant untapped energy resource in the country.  

Four Key Reasons Energy Efficiency Programs bring value to businesses:
  • Reducing near and long-term operational costs for businesses
  • Taking advantage of utility and government incentives to offset project costs
  • Making sure energy is there when you need it
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Customer Experience

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Energy Solutions

Utility providers partner with Lime Energy to deliver energy efficiency, new technology integration and educational resources to their customers.  Our insight into the unique needs of businesses from restaurants and doctor's offices to warehouses, retail stores and municipal buildings is based on over 13,000 projects completed around the country.

Did You Know?

Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning account for up to 70% of energy usage in most commercial buildings.

Where your energy goes

From lighting and heating to water conservation, weatherization and controls, Lime Energy has the in-house technical expertise to identify and implement energy efficiency programs that drive long-term business value. Saving energy through efficiency not only contributes to grid reliability and sustainable communities, but it also increases overall profitability by putting money back onto the bottom line month after month.