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Based on business industry classification and utility data energy usage modeling, Lime is able to identify customers who have a high potential for energy savings through the program.

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Direct Install Technology Platform

Lime DirectInstall™ is a secure, collaborative platform that leverages cloud-based computing technology and Lime’s corporate business engines to deliver real-time CRM, multi-measure field audit data collection, customer record tracking and stakeholder program management services.

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Lime Energy is uniquely positioned to deliver an innovative, data driven platform to Direct Install programs.  Our platform applies real-world data and processes from our experience working with thousands of small and mid-sized business customers a year.

The following core features of our DirectInstall technology platform deliver the most impactful and cost effective program available in the industry: 


Territory Analytics

Targeted utility customers are analyzed and scored to create an energy reduction profile. Lime delivers an actionable marketing plan that maps opportunities by targeted ECMs, consumption behaviors, and verticals. What takes consultants months to assemble, we can produce in days.


Program Awareness & Auditing


Lime’s Energy Advisors execute marketing campaigns with a high volume of touches and bring back qualifying information that ensures high closing rates downstream. They access a utility programs full list of construction-grade measures, select the correct measure for the application, and quickly produce a proposal, all in one stop.


Project Delivery


Immediately after a proposal is signed, and with the push of a button, material POs, labor WOs, and scopes are generated. Document management, change order management, and vendor management are all built into the Project area of the platform.


Real Time Reporting


Our clients demand it, and the business thrives on it – timely information is key to results. The speed of the utility program necessitates that on a daily basis we track deficiencies in leads, pipeline, and construction resources so that we can adapt on a daily basis. Our user-friendly portal provides our utility with actionable information and insight.